Thursday, November 26, 2009


Victorian incentive scheme, Super VOBIS, has always been innovative and the monies paid out to owners and breeders of eligible horses since its inception has been a massive boon for industry participants.
And the scheme’s latest initiative smacks of genius … the ideal solution to a problem that nags at many a nominator.
Aside from financial constraints, the largest hurdle to ‘nominate or not to nominate’ has been the question: “What if the horse doesn’t race in Victoria?”
However, as we understand it (and further details will be released tomorrow), is that from the 2008 foal crop onwards, nominated horses which don’t race in Victoria throughout their two- and three-year-old careers (thereby negating any Super VOBIS bonus) will be eligible for a rebate.
In other words, if the 2008 foal doesn’t start on a Victorian racetrack during the 2010/11 or 2011/12 racing seasons, the nominator will be given a rebate to the value of the nomination fee: Category A ($660), B ($1,320) or C ($1,980).
Brilliant! For further information, check out the Super VOBIS website from tomorrow onwards.

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