Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just how much bearing does the X chromosome have?
Obviously quite a bit in the case of budding musician, Steven Cannatelli, who is donating his dreadlocks to a very good cause.
Steven is seeking to raise $2,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital by having his dreadlocks lopped off by Lillian Frank and you can email Steven via for further information.
Steven is the son of Bruno and Maria Cannatelli and, as many of you will know, Bruno is one of the leading thoroughbred photographers in the country with his imagery gracing countless magazines, books and websites.
However, for all intents and purposes, Steven has clearly thrown to the dam as the follicularly challenged Bruno would have more luck with a deadlock than a dreadlock.
That said, Bruno has countered with a photo – a dusty relic from his errant youth – which depicts a half naked Bruno with a healthy crop of hair.
Personally we think the image has been doctored, but just in case Steven, make sure Lillian doesn’t take it all off!

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