Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The old days – or should we say nights – of poring over old volumes of the Australian Stud Book and other statistically-based tomes, are now a thing of the past.
The internet – and the immediacy of its access to a mountain of facts and figures – is now the weapon of choice for broodmare owners and Eliza Park is playing its part with a new addition to the ‘stable’ this season.
True Nicks now joins Tesio and G1 Stallion Match as valuable tools with which to assess the merits of a given pedigree and a True Nicks link accompanies each of Eliza Park’s stallions on our website.
Naturally, if you are seeking advice on matings, Eliza Park’s professional team of David Somers (0428 440 330), Mark Lindsay (0416 334 338) and Phil Marshall (0407 853 782) are all waiting by the ‘eau de cologne’.

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