Tuesday, May 17, 2011


OK, this one probably wouldn’t concern any one under 50, but for those of you who grew up on a steady diet of the Adventures of Robin Hood and The Monkees TV series, two of its main characters had close ties with the thoroughbred industry.
Robin Hood – British actor Richard Greene – became a leading breeder in Ireland when his days in green tights were over (yes, I know, telly was black and white back then), while Davy Jones was a jockey before becoming a Monkee (and, no, I’m not going there!).
Meanwhile, Davy’s bandmate, Mike Nesmith was the son of the woman who invented Liquid Paper, meaning Mike would never have to get out of bed again.
And, finally, for those of you who have pondered the meaning of life, scientists have worked out that the chicken came before the egg.
It appears that researchers have been investigating the nature of a protein found in eggshells called Ovocleidin-17. Ovocleidin-17 is also present in a chicken’s ovaries. Recently, a supercomputer simulated the process in which a chicken’s eggshell is formed, and concluded that the Ovocleidin-17 in the mother’s womb is an essential key to the production of eggshells. So, as it turns out, the chicken has to exist in order to create an egg.
Just to think they actually pay people to work this stuff out …!

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