Sunday, June 26, 2011


Registering yet another double with the victories today of Laudit and Farasi, Bel Esprit statistician, Brian Donohoe, reports that Victoria’s Champion Sire has now posted 201 winners for the season world-wide.
You’d be forgiven for assuming that Black Caviar’s eight wins for 2010/11 would put her at the head of the pack, but this time she’s got to share the accolades with Big Daddy’s Dream who has notched up eight in the Philippines.
Bel Esprit’s wins have been registered in Australia (175 wins, 104 winners), Singapore (6 wins, 3 winners), Hong Kong (1 win), Malaysia (6 wins, 5 winners), Philippines (12 wins, 3 winners) and Macau (1 win).

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