Monday, October 10, 2011


Arion Pedigrees reveals that Bel Esprit has produced winners in nine countries: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korean, Macau, Malaysia, South Africa and the Philippines (indeed, in the last two mentioned, Bel Esprit has a 100% winners to runners record!).
However, we only found out today that Bel Esprit also has a winner in Iran: and not just any winner either.
Two years ago, at the Gold Coast National Horses in Training Sale, Eliza Park sold a Bel Esprit filly from Jill Mary to Iranian buyer, Reza Allahdadi, along with a God’s Own filly from Sun Maid.
Well, in turns out that the God’s Own has won several races, while the Bel Esprit is the No. 1 horse in Iran for the second year running!
Iran racing might seem a long way from the members’ enclosure at Flemington or Randwick, but fans are as keen as mustard and I’m pretty sure there would be a few Aussie tracks over the moon if they could attract the same sort of crowds.
Check out the YouTube video for an overview of Iranian racing … I especially liked the clip on the bloke who said he’s been going to Gonbad-e Qabus racecourse since 1974 is yet to leave the track a winner (must be a Middle Eastern cousin of sorts!).

Keep in mind that Eliza Park will consign 13 youngsters to this years Gold Coast National Horses in Training Sale (which is staged next Wednesday [19] and Thursday [20] October) and won’t only be Iranian buyers inspecting this lineup! Especially as apart from a Bel Esprit, there’s also four Written Tycoons.

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