Monday, May 21, 2012


The Bel Esprit Winners Club – the chronicler of all things Bel – reveals that Super Broadband was winner No. 200 for the current racing season.
(It’s actually 202 when you throw Goodluck’n’goodbye and Bells Victory into the mix following their wins out west)
Incredible when you think about it, given that there’s still two and a half months of the season to go.
The breakdown is as follows:

Australia (175)
Singapore (9)
Philippines (13)
Hong Kong (1)
New Zealand (2)

Brian Donohoe has also heard a whisper that Bel Esprit has the No. 1 horse in Iran – Magic Million (ex. Jill Mary) but is waiting to confirm as there is not a whole lot of racing news that comes out of downtown Gonbad.
Brian was also pretty quick off the mark in response to a question put forward on #NSWbiasinstallionspruiking asking ‘Underrated or just Victorian based?’, citing that only 92 of the 202 wins was in Victoria!
Meanwhile, Danny Power’s The Thoroughbred twitter page responded to yesterday’s treble with: does a day go by when this underrated stallion (Bel Esprit) doesn’t get a new winner?
Well, yes there are days that go by without a Bel winner, but not too many of them. And we love the tag: #notjustthesireofBC
True that!

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