Friday, October 12, 2012


Eliza’s Phil Marshall could be excused for being a little bleary eyed this morning (no, not from the drink … although the mere suggestion wouldn’t be totally out of order).
Phil was up to the wee hours catching the results from the Tattersalls October Yearling Sale, particularly keeping a close eye out for the Bushranger entries.
After a huge night (day?) on Wednesday when the Bushranger colt from Polish Belle (see below) was knocked down to Jeremy Noseda for 220,000 guineas (approx. $363,000), the popular trainer was at it again at the final session of Tatts Book 1 when forking out 92,000 guineas (approx. $152,000) for the colt from Blues Traveller mare, Blue Holly.
However, it wasn’t the biggest Bushranger sale of the session – that honour went to the Bushranger colt from Gold Script (by Script Ohio) who was sold to John Warren Bloodstock for $100,000 guineas (approx. $165,000).
Overall, four Bushrangers were offered during the session, with the other pair sold for 90,000 guineas (Nigel [not Nathan] Tinkler) and 50,000 guineas (Peter & Ross Doyle). Somewhat fitting that the Doyles got into the action as Ross has been talking up Bushranger as one of, if not the most, exciting of the first season sires.

Jake and John Warren

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