Sunday, March 14, 2010


First off, we’ve got no idea why Belfast Boy is called Belfast Boy.
After all, he’s by Bel Esprit – whose about as Irish as Cambridge University – out of a mare called Fast Dolly (did know a girl called Dolly once and she played it fairly fast and loose, but it’s hardly much of a connection either).
Bel Esprit blogmesiter, Brian Donhoe, summed Belfast Boy up pretty well after his victory in the 2YO Handicap at Oakbank on Saturday, saying that: “He’s a Bel, he’s fast, he’s a boy and he ran like a lad wobbling home in Ireland on a late Saturday night after a few drinks”.
Very ‘green’ one might say, especially as he shied at the hurdle uprights from the previous event, but Belfast Boy is clearly a youngster with ability as he overcame his shenanigans to still win convincingly.
More light on his moniker will undoubtedly be shed as he rises through the ranks.

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