Monday, January 31, 2011


Fitting tribute to one of the industry greats when Jack Styring was given the nod for the inaugural Racing Victoria Distinguished Service Award.
The gong has been struck to honour ‘stalwarts within the thoroughbred racing industry’ and they don’t come much more stalwart than Jack.
We’ll leave it – for the moment – to Racing Victoria to describe why Jack got the nod.

The Racing Victoria Distinguished Service Award acknowledges those who have made a sustained and outstanding contribution to the sport within Victoria.
The Award will be open to individuals who have excelled on and off the track and takes into consideration a person's longevity, integrity, commitment, passion and achievements.
Styring, at the tender age of 81, called his final race at the Yea Cup meeting on 29 January. It brought to an end a racecalling career that has spanned more than 60 years.
During that time, the iconic broadcaster has called at countless tracks throughout Victoria and interstate, and also participated in the industry as a studmaster, breeder and owner (not to mention his voluminous contribution as a racing journalist and historian).
Amongst his calling achievements are seven Melbourne Cups and a staggering 60 Gunbower Cups from 1952-2010 – a feat recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.
“The Racing Victoria Distinguished Service Award has been created to recognise those individuals who have dedicated their lives to the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry and left an indelible mark,” RV Chief Operating Officer, Bernard Saundry, said.
“The Distinguished Service Award provides the industry with a unique opportunity to say thank you to those administrators, owners, breeders, trainers and jockeys who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport over a period of greater than 30 years.
“Jack Styring is a fitting inaugural recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. He called his first Victorian thoroughbred race at Kaniva in 1950 and he has been entertaining crowds with his colourful commentary at tracks across the state ever since.
“Jack is a man of outstanding character whose love and passion of thoroughbred racing is unquestioned and we are pleased to be able to recognise his commitment to the sport with the presentation of this Award.”

On a personal note, Jack has also been a wonderful supporter of Eliza Park and a valued friend to this humble scribe.

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