Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Local Queenslanders have set up donation points and bank accounts to receive donations to assist horse owners affected by the devastating Queensland floods.
“Although we are getting flooded in South East Queensland now, a lot of people in Rockhampton have been flooded out of their homes for nearly three weeks,” says Katy Driver of Caboonbah Stud. “The water has only dropped about 6 inches in last week so still a long time before they can get back to their houses to start the clean up as most are still under water.”
Katy herself is surrounded by water, cut off on all sides, but says she is “safe on a hill”. In an online post she writes about most of her town being underwater and tremendous stock losses.
“Major flash flooding, lot of people I (have) not been able to get hold of and only had short notice they had to evacuate, lots of families and children missing. A big wall of water came through at the last moment wiping out most things. Lot of livestock lost.”
Katy has organised ROCKY FEED AND SEED in Rockhampton to get whatever feed required out to the Rockhampton Showgrounds for horse owners stranded by the floods.
“There are a lot of people stranded still at the showgrounds with their horses and (they) have lost most of their things,” she says. “These are the people I want to get help for. Even when they can get home they will have no grass and lost all their feed supplies. They haven’t been able to work so have no income to help cover the costs of their lives let alone their horses, but all of them have their horses as their first priority. Some are eligible for government help but that doesn’t cover their horses and would only barely help them survive.”
Katy says donations can be made directly to the ROCKY FEED AND SEED bank account. She and a friend are working at the Showground end to make sure donated feed is distributed evenly amongst horses stranded there.
“All we need to do is put the money in their bank account,” she says. “Even if you can only afford $25 - $30 that is a bag of feed or at least few bales of hay to help.”
SE QLD Horse Rescue has also set up donation points to help horse owners affected by the floods in other affected areas. They have a SE QLD Horse Rescue FaceBook page with regular updates and are asking people to donate what they can: feed, agistment, transport, vet care etc.
Donations and Contacts: To help horses owners stranded at Rockhampton you can make a donation directly to Rocky Feed and Seed:
BSB: 034 210  ACC#: 219110
Once a donation has been made please email Katy at and let her know how much has been paid into the account.
Katy will update Rocky Feed and Seed daily to let them know how much feed can be taken out to the showgrounds.
Her contact at the showgrounds will ensure the distribution.

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