Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Peter Davenport, whose family bred and owns world class sprinter Hay List, could hardly be described as a shrinking violet.
He would be the first to declare that Black Caviar’s emergence on the world stage is a tremendous boost to racing in this country … the best way possible to put bums on seats in an industry that he incredibly passionate about.
But, misguided or not, he’s prepared to shoot from the lip when discussion turns to Hay List’s prospects of turning the tables on Black Caviar in 2012.
The pair have met on four occasions but according to Peter, Hay List “has never been on his game when he has taken on Black Caviar”.
He admits that he’ll either end up with “egg on my face or a slap on the back”, but further clashes between the pair do take on the aura of a title bout, albeit if one is deemed a Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali at the height of their powers.
Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Peter has managed to secure the domain name www.blackcaviar.com.au and there’s certainly something ‘fishy’ about what he’s done with it.
Releasing a limited edition Haylist Black Caviar, the 30 gram jar of elite tucker, comes with the catchline: ‘if you can’t beat her, eat her’.
Peter reckons it’s just a bit of Christmas fun and all profits will go to another project he’s very passionate about: Living Legends.
As for Eliza Park? We’re not about to enter the debate, but it’s definitely a thrill to be standing the sires of both Black Caviar (Bel Esprit) and Hay List (Statue of Liberty).
And no, this particular scribe won’t be dining out on Peter’s caviar this Christmas: more a peanut butter on toast kind of guy.

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