Monday, June 4, 2012


Breednet is a morning staple – right up there with that first cuppa. It usually lands in my inbox around 6am which does make me wonder whether editor, Tara Madgwick, actually ever sleeps.
Anyhow, Breednet is currently running a poll for 2012 Freshmen sires (in the $11k-$16.5k bracket) and you can have a vote … which is probably a whole lot more fun than voting in a federal election (i.e. at least one of the stallions you vote for won’t be a loser!).
When I last looked – around two minutes ago – Love Conquers All was in the lead with 22.43% of the vote which is very encouraging for the Queensland bound freshman. And, I promise I only voted 3,386 times! (only kidding … I got RSI by the time I’d reached around 1,800 or so).
Visit and have a whirl.

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