Thursday, September 2, 2010


With 400 people attending the Eliza Park Open Day & Industry Expo on Friday 27 August, we knew we’d be in for a busy month, but a surprise visit from Pakistan’s Prince Malik Mohammad Atta Khan was – if you’ll excuse the pun – a real jewel in the crown.
Not that the Prince wears a crown per se. That said, as the feudal lord of Fatehjang – a Pakistani province encompassing many thousands of hectares and constituents – his rather large white turban would ensure he’s never missed in a crowd.
Featuring on Michael Palin’s Travels TV series, Prince Malik Atta owns some 1200 horses and was Champion Tentpegger of Pakistan in his day.
Quite a character, the Prince owns a huge palace with 28 bedrooms (but no electricity) and is currently tentpegging at the Adelaide Royal Show.
Tentpegging (you’ve seen it in a score of movies) has been around for yonks – evidently originating in India where mounted soldiers would gallop through camps and remove the tent pegs with their lances and swords.
Anyway, check out the Youtube video below for a bit more information on Prince Malik Atta.
There’s also an excellent article from a British journalist Danny Kemp that’s worth having a look – click here

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