Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Wednesday 31 August – 11.55pm:
Well, I’ve been in Australia for just on a week now and this is the first chance to put something in the diary. It’s been go-go-go since I got here … floated to Eliza Park, then floated to Caulfield for a stallion parade, back to Eliza Park for another parade in front of 500 plus people … it seems like I just get comfortable and then somebody else wants to a have a bo-peep. Can’t help being handsome I guess!
I suppose they all know I broke a record in winning the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes as a 2YO and lo and behold, gave ‘em all a run for their money in the Kentucky Derby. Still, it was nice of them to give me all those roses …
Anyway, here I am in Australia and I’ve got to say the people are nice, box is pretty good and the bed’s comfy. Food is alright too – hey it’s not bluegrass but tastes much the same.
As for the other stallions? That Bel Esprit is up himself a bit – keeps bragging about his daughter Black Caviar and the fact he’s been a champion for God knows how long, while Statue of Liberty keeps talking in Japanese … but the rest of the crew are OK.

Thursday 1 September – 12.10am:
Just got back from my first cover … these Aussie girls have a bit of go in them. I don’t remember a lot of their names – yeah, I know, it’s not very ‘new age’ of me, but for heaven’s sake, there were over 140 of them back in States.
Anyway, this gal is called Love To Dance and she certainly lived up to her name … saucy minx. Turns out she could run a bit: she was a Group One winner at two and since going to stud, has also produced a 2YO stakes winner in Ehor and is closely related to another Group One winner in Macedon Lady.

Thursday 1 September – 6.10am:
Geez they get you up early in Australia! This time I met up with Chlorophyll and let me tell ya, this beauty would never put you to sleep. Hubba hubba!
As it happens, she’s a Group One winner too: won the Coolmore Classic, along with four other stakes races and from what she kept jabbering about, she’s got a very good family as well. Kept asking me whether I knew some of her stakes winning relations in the States?
Not a bad morning’s work I must say: wonder how many other stallions in Australia covered two Group One winners in the first six hours of the season?
Anyway, time for some breakfast … now where’s that waiter?

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