Sunday, January 6, 2013


As I sit and write this from the safety of my slightly ergonomic office chair, a flock (pride?) of cyclists have just flown past my window – all resplendent in their form fitting regalia – as once again I rue the day I didn’t invest in cycling apparel shares.
What has this got to do with Backstedt’s win at Pakenham on Saturday? Very little probably, except to say (a) the Magnus 3YO was quite resplendent himself in scoring and (b) it followed up from an equally impressive win the day before by Magnus stakes winner, Platinum Kingdom, in New Zealand.
Oh, and (c) Backstedt is out of the Group One winning Tights mare, Lycra, and is rather cleverly named after Swedish cyclist Magnus Backstedt.
Quite a successful pedaller in Europe, once winning a stage of the Tour de France, Magnus Backstedt owns a chain of coffee houses in the USA and Sweden which remains, to the best of my knowledge, a legal stimulant for cyclists and journalists alike.
As for our Backstedt, he well and truly got on his bike at Pakenham and more wins appear to be in store.

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