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The Australian Stud Book has recently released statistics from the 2012 season, revealing that Eliza Park had two of the busiest stallions in Victoria last spring in Wanted (180 mares - 7th in Australia) and Moshe (175 mares).
The Deputy Keeper of the Australian Stud Book, Jacqueline Stewart, revealed that while Thoroughbred mating figures for the 2012 season are showing a decline compared to the 2011 season, there is still plenty of reasons to be upbeat.
To date, 20,634 mares have recorded coverings by 622 stallions, a decrease of 8% on last year's 22,510 coverings. However, Ms Stewart expects the gap to be narrowed to 5% after late lodgments and paddock serving stallion reports are received for a total of 21,300 by 640 stallions. 

While the breeding industry in Australia has withstood the global economic crisis more than most countries, and the preceding outbreak of Equine Influenza which saw the beginning of a downward trend in the number of foals produced annually, Ms Stewart said that “there is still a sufficient number of foals produced each season for racing purposes. Increased prices at recent yearling sales, both here and overseas, also indicates that confidence in the breeding and racing industry is rising”. 

Some interesting facts: 
  • 36 shuttle stallions covered 3,466 mares or 17% of the 20,634 reported coverings compared with 4,333 (19%) in 2011;
  • 441 or 71% were Australian­ bred stallions compared with 67% in 1992 when 2,106 stallions covered 29,621 mares; 
  • 16 of the top 22 covering stallions were Australian bred, which displays the faith breeders place in our world­class Australian bred stallions; 
  • There were 65 stallions with more than 100 matings in 2012 compared to 69 in 2011 and 264 stallions which covered less than 10 mares compared to 308 in the 2011 season; 
  • 46% of mares were covered in New South Wales, 25% in Victoria (up 1%), 16% in Queensland, 9% in Western Australia, 3% in South Australia and 1% in Tasmania. 

  • On the sireline side of the stallions covering Thoroughbred mares in 2012: 
  • 74 sons of Danehill covered 2,204 mares, headed by Fastnet Rock with 208 coverings and Western Australian Blackfriars with 178; 
  • 109 grandsons of Danehill covered 5,163 mares, headed by the stallion which was most in demand; 
  • 7 great­grandsons of Danehill covered 137 mares. On the damline side of the stallions covering Thoroughbred mares in 2012: 
  • daughters of Danehill were the dams of 12 stallions which covered 341 mares; 
  • granddaughters of Danehill were the dams of 2 stallions which covered 360 mares in total;
  • With two other stallions in other lines covering another 24 mares, the descendants of Danehill covered a total of 8,229 Thoroughbred mares, which is 40% of all mares covered, compared to 36% in 2011.
Busy boy ... Wanted

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