Friday, January 29, 2010


- with Lyle Plumb

In what looks to be a positive start for Eliza Park in Asia for 2010, the Chengdu office has been extremely busy and we already have been introduced to many of the industry participants.
During the month, I was asked to make a presentation to a group of 120 potential stewards, who are doing a government sponsored training course in preparation for the upcoming racing.
My topic was the importance of integrity and the varied roles that racing stewards undertake. With the help of an interpreter, and the Eliza Park DVD providing the necessary visual diversion, I was impressed by the eagerness of these people to listen and ask many questions.
Another project that is well underway is the construction of a multi million dollar, state of the art equestrian facility. It will be used as part of a sporting complex being built for an International Pentathlon competition in September.
The grandstand will hold many thousands and would rival most football venues in Australia. The interesting part is that the 150 plus stables and the parade areas are also being considered for upcoming horse auctions when racing commences.
Magic Millions owners and legendary entrepreneurs, Gerry Harvey and John Singleton, would be green with envy if they could see the site (see model below).
Meanwhile, Singapore keeps bubbling along and we almost got the perfect start to 2010 for Eliza Park when Diplomatic Strike went under by a nose at his latest run. Sitting with the trainer, we thought he was going to deliver his second successive win when he kicked clear on straightening, but as they say “weight will stop a train” and another runner with 49 kilos caught him on the post.
The new stables at Kranji are now fully operational and a number of new trainers have opened for business.
The hillside training track is completed, which means there are few excuses as to why horse’s wouldn’t perform at their peak with all of these great facilities.
Trainers have been coming and going a bit recently, particularly to sales throughout the world, but it is still a much weaker buying bench with most owners wanting the older horse like Ready To Run types.
Still, the Steven Burridge stable purchased a God’s Own colt from Eliza Park at the Magic Millions and he is bound to arrive toward the end of the year.
Anyway, now is preparation time for Chinese New Year and I will be spending this time in Singapore and hopefully leading in a few winners that have come through the Eliza Park system.

A model of the Chengdu complex which, according to Lyle Plumb, is in the advanced stages of construction.

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