Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The Australian Stud Book has released covering statistics for the 2009 season with four of Eliza Park’s resident stallions featuring in the top 20 – the only Victorian stud represented.

Michael Ford, Keeper of the Australian Stud Book, reported that with most of the coverings for the 2009 season now lodged, it was obvious that the Thoroughbred breeding industry had proven more resilient to the global financial crisis than he originally expected.
“Major yearling sales, both here and overseas, were down 30%, and with my faith in the hardiness of Australian thoroughbred breeders, I thought that the number of coverings may decrease by only 15%: yet it looks like being less than 10%,” Michael explained.
At 20 January 2010, there were 23,320 mares reported as being covered in the 2009 season by 710 stallions, compared with 26,480 in 2008, a drop of 12% but still below the 2007 equine influenza affected total of 24,580.
Michael believes that when late reports are lodged, the total will achieve 24,000, indicating only a 10% decrease from 2008 which is heartening for the industry.

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